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Can You Build Up a Tolerance to CBD Oil? How to Fix This Problem

5 min read
Can you build up a tolerance to cbd

Can You Build Up a Tolerance to CBD Oil? How to Fix This Problem

5 min read

CBD tolerance is a hot topic in today’s CBD discourse. 

For many first-time CBD users, it can feel like the Wild West. 

With very little regulation surrounding who can sell CBD oil and what CBD oil has to contain, it’s easy to get stung.

Can you build up a tolerance to CBD

For example, CBD purchased in a bargain store is unlikely to have the same impact as CBD sourced from a reputable source. This unlevel playing field leads many first-time CBD users to wonder:

Is CBD a scam?

Why didn’t CBD work for me?

How do I know if it’s working?

Looking at the price of an average bottle of CBD from a reputable source, customers would be wise to be wary about tolerance levels. The fear is simply that they will start taking CBD, like the effects, and then have to take more and more to reproduce the initial response.

Since individuals are known to develop a tolerance to cannabis, it is often assumed that CBD works the same way. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t. 

This article will explore how tolerance works, if CBD is tolerance-building, and what other factors you need to be aware of when you start taking cannabinoid extracts.

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What Is Drug Tolerance?

Tolerance is your body’s way of adapting to certain substances. Receptors in the body become desensitised to exposure to certain substances. 

This means that you need to take more of the substance to achieve the same effects.

Tolerance is often associated with addiction and withdrawal. After building tolerance to certain substances, the body may become dependent on them to feel normal. 

This means if you stop taking the substance, you will suffer withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction takes this one step further. It is a health condition that involves changes in brain activity. It can cause cravings for the substance by triggering neurotransmitters like dopamine to trigger randomly. 

what is drug tolerance
Thankfully you don't need to worry about drug tolerance with CBD because it works with your body rather than changing how it works

Can You Build Up A Tolerance To CBD?

No, you can’t build up a tolerance to CBD. While you might build up a tolerance to THC, CBD interacts with your body in a very different way. 

For this reason, it is thought that CBD could actually have a reverse effect.

While THC binds directly with receptors, CBD takes an indirect approach. Instead of binding with receptors, CBD may help to improve the binding affinity of certain receptors while also increasing the availability of endocannabinoids.

This action is called reverse tolerance, and it could explain why some CBD users may find they need less over time, not more.

It’s a common misconception that users will continually increase their CBD strength and their dosage. Instead, it would be more common to increase until you find the right strength and dosage for you and then taper off usage over time.

This isn’t always a conscious effort. Perhaps you might skip a dose after getting into a regular routine. Or perhaps you might run out of CBD oil and stop taking it until your next bottle arrives.

Without knowing about the reverse tolerance mechanism of CBD, users might assume that this is a sign that CBD isn’t working for them. But instead of thinking of CBD as a medicine (because it isn’t one), you should think of it as a supplement to support your wellbeing.

If you stop taking pain medication, you expect your pain to return. But if you stop taking a vitamin C supplement, you wouldn’t expect your immune system to stop working immediately.

Can you build up a tolerance to CBD
If you think of CBD in the same way you think of Vitamin C, you can better understand how the reverse tolerance model works

Can You Become Addicted To CBD?

We’ve written before about if CBD is addictive and if individuals need to worry about becoming addicted to this supplement. The good news is that CBD has not been found to be addictive in any way.

In a report by The World Health Organisation, they found that CBD has not shown dependence potential in animal trials. So the real risk of CBD addition is not from the cannabidiol but the potential for contamination.

We know that THC is addictive, so CBD sold with illegal levels of THC does have the potential for addiction. This is why it is so important to buy CBD from an honest and trustworthy source.

If your CBD oil alters your senses, changes your mood dramatically, impairs your movement or leaves you struggling with problem-solving tasks, there is a good chance it contains THC.

If you’re worried about the THC contents of your CBD oil, you should be able to check the composition analysis certificate on the seller’s website. Some sellers include a QR code on their packaging to allow you to find it quickly.

If a seller doesn’t have this certificate readily available and won’t share it when requested, there is a good chance you have purchase poor-quality CBD.

Can you get addicted to CBD
The only symptoms of withdrawal you may notice is any problems you were using CBD oil for returning

Can You Have Withdrawal From CBD?

Since CBD doesn’t cause addiction or tolerance, it also doesn’t lead to withdrawal if you stop taking it. However, you might soon feel that it becomes part of your daily routine, so when you stop taking it, you might feel like your routine has been disrupted.

However, this is very different to withdrawal from an addictive substance. 

Withdrawal causes physical reactions. Even something as simple as missing your morning coffee can cause withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and fatigue. 

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CBD doesn’t have the same effect.

Can you get withdrawal from CBD?
If you were to stop taking CBD oil today, you should notice no withdrawal symptoms which makes it an ideal way to support your body

What If CBD Isn’t Working For Me?

This is a common complaint. When trying to figure out if CBD is working for you, you should first investigate the source of your CBD supplement. 

A reputable source will provide a certificate of analysis to understand what is in your CBD oil.

Once you have confirmed that your supplement does contain CBD, you can then look at the strength and dosage. Your CBD strength and dosage should be determined by your height, weight and experience with CBD. And finally, you may need to simply adjust your expectations of what CBD can do. A lot of articles about CBD will have you believe it’s a miracle cure for absolutely everything

CBD is excellent for supporting health and wellbeing, but it isn’t a magic wand.

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