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Magnesium Sleep Complex
Magnesium Sleep Complex

Magnesium Threonate Powder for Sleep

Our Magnesium threonate powder for sleep is combined with powerful natural ingredients, including magnesium citrate and theanine. These ingredients work synergistically to correct magnesium deficiency, leading to improved sleep cycles and enhanced cognitive function. Blended into a tasty powder, this nighttime treat guarantees to leave you feeling rested and refreshed.Read more

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Awards we've won:

Best Magnesium Supplements UK

“If you’re looking for the #1 rated magnesium supplement in the UK when it comes to bioavailability and quality of ingredients, then Evopure’s magnesium sleep blend is our best pick.”

Best Magnesium for Sleep

“The product is pure, 100% natural, and made in the UK with independent lab oversight. It’s a safe and high-quality product for everybody to use. Taking into account its price and ease of use, you will struggle to find a better magnesium product in the UK.”


Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to Evopure Magnesium Threonate Powder for Sleep! This specially formulated product doesn’t just support restful sleep – it also provides a range of cognitive benefits to feel your best.

Our unique nighttime blend combines natural, restorative ingredients, including magnesium threonate, magnesium citrate, and theanine. 

What’s so special about this blend? Magnesium threonate has a unique ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and improve cognitive function, while magnesium citrate and theanine promote relaxation and overall well-being.

By combining these three powerful compounds, we’ve created a synergistic effect that corrects magnesium deficiency, supports a healthy sleep cycle, and improves brain function. 

And with superior bioavailability, this dissolvable and delicious powder makes getting your daily dose of magnesium easy and enjoyable.

What’s more, our magnesium powder is 100% natural and vegan-friendly, so everyone can benefit from its amazing properties. 

So why not take the first step towards better sleep and enhanced brain performance? Try Evopure Magnesium Threonate Powder for Sleep today and feel the difference for yourself!

How to use magnesium powder for sleep:


Add 5g (1 teaspoon) of magnesium threonate powder to your water, hot drink, or smoothie before bed.


Stir the powder until it dissolves completely in the liquid. Consume the mixture and enjoy the relaxing and sleep-promoting benefits.


Each container is designed to last 30 days based on a recommended daily consumption of 5g.

Magnesium threonate powder ingredients:

14 ingredients

Magnesium L-Threonate

Magnesium combined with threonic acid, a product of Vitamin C breakdown.

Why is this included?

Studies have shown that magnesium L-threonate is the most bioavailable form of magnesium. It’s effective in increasing magnesium ions the brain and improving brain function.

Magnesium Citrate

Naturally occurring mineral in the body supporting muscles and nerves.

Why is this included?

Magnesium citrate is a highly absorbable form of magnesium alongside L-threonate. It is an essential mineral for healthy bodily function.
Magnesium glycinate (2)

Magnesium Glycinate

A combination of elemental magnesium and the amino acid glycine.

Why is this included?

Studies show that magnesium glycinate may have sleep promoting effects, relief stress and lessen inflammation.
Green tea extract

Green Tea Extract

Green tea containing the amino acid, L-theanine.

Why is this included?

L-theanine found in green tea is associated with several health benefits, including anxiety relief and improving insomnia.

Oat Straw

Sourced from Avena Sativa, also known as the common oat.

Why is this included?

Oats are rich in melatonin, giving you a natural source to help improve relaxation and support a healthy sleep cycle.
Orange extract

Orange Extract

Sourced from orange peel, used for its natural fruity flavour.

Why is this included?

Commonly used to bring a sharp, citrus taste to food and edibles. Orange peel is also rich in polyphenols which act as powerful antioxidants and help reduce inflammatory response.


Daisy like plants, used to make herbal infusions for beverages.

Why is this included?

Studies show chamomile is effective in supporting relaxation, anxiety and insomnia. Complements the sleep inducing effects of magnesium.


Green, cone shaped flowers of the hop plant Humulus lupus.

Why is this included?

Hops may provide potential benefits for sleep problems, hot flushes and improving mood.
Valerian root

Valerian Root

A herb native to Europe and parts of Asia.

Why is this included?

Valerian root has a long history of being used a sedative, as it may improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and compulsive thoughts.

Citric Acid

A organic compound naturally found in citrus fruits, especially lemons and limes.

Why is this included?

Citric acid is a naturally occurring antioxidant with a sour, tart taste. Commonly used as a food flavouring and preservative.

Malic Acid

A natural element of fruit acids, found in unripe apples and other fruit.

Why is this included?

A alpha hydroxide used in food, cosmetics and sometimes medicine. It is believed to relieve dry mouth and provide skin benefits.
Beta carotene

Beta Carotene

A red-orange pigment found in plants and fruits, especially carrots.

Why is this included?

Beta carotene converts into Vitamin A in the body to support eye health, the immune system and healthy skin.
Stevia plant


Sourced from the plant Stevia Rbaudiana, native to Brazil and Paraguay.

Why is this included?

This herbal compound it often used as a healthy natural sweetener to improve taste. It serves as an alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.


An amino acid that builds protein needed for tissue and hormone maintenance.

Why is this included?

L-Glycine has the ability to enhance quality of sleep and support neurological functions.
“Love this as a simple way to top up my magnesium and improve my sleep!”
Emma B

Other frequently asked questions:

Magnesium threonate is good for promoting healthy cognitive function, improving sleep quality and supporting overall brain health.

For optimal results, it is recommended to consume Evopure’s magnesium sleep powder as a nighttime blend 30 minutes before bed. The powder can be dissolved into a glass of water, hot drink, or smoothie to make consumption easy and convenient.

We suggest taking magnesium in powdered rather than tablet form for better bioavailability and absorption. Consuming magnesium in tablet form required your stomach acid to treat down the capsule and mineral, which can lead to reduced absorption rate compared to taking it in a dissolved powder form.

To use magnesium powder as a dietary supplement, dissolve 5g of it in liquid and consume it daily, preferably 30 minutes before bed. For beginners, starting with 1-2g of the powder (1/3 of a scoop) and gradually increasing to the recommended daily dosage of 5g per day is advised.

Evopure’s magnesium sleep powder, containing 148mg of elemental magnesium, falls below both the EU Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) and the FNB’s upper limit recommendations for daily magnesium intake, making it safe for daily use.

However, some individuals may experience side effects such as nausea and diarrhoea from magnesium powder. If this occurs, it is important to stop taking the supplement immediately and seek advice from a doctor before continuing magnesium supplementation.

If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, it is advised to avoid using this supplement. Additionally, if you have diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, or intestinal disease or are taking any medication, you should consult with your healthcare provider before taking magnesium supplements.

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Frankie L

£32.99 or Original price was: £32.99.Current price is: £26.39. / month

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“It’s replaced caffeinated tea as my perfect evening hot drink – perfect for my winding down routine :)”
Frankie L

£32.99 or Original price was: £32.99.Current price is: £26.39. / month

“I’ve tried a couple of different oils and this one is my favourite so far.”

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