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What You Should Know About CBD Oil for Pain Relief

8 min read
CBD Oil For Pain UK

What You Should Know About CBD Oil for Pain Relief

8 min read

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While CBD shouldn’t be totally relied on as a pain relieving substance, some people find it can help improve their general wellbeing. Why is this? Let’s take a look.

In this guide:

As the popularity of CBD oil continues to grow, quite rapidly, more and more people are being overwhelmed and somewhat confused by its health benefits. 

Many assume it can be used as a treatment for many medical concerns from pain to skin conditions.

CBD for pain

But it should not be used as a medication. 

Instead, it should be used the same way you would use a supplement such as Vitamin C or Vitamin D, to promote general wellness and restore balance in the body. 

Over 62% of CBD users admit to using the oil in an attempt to treat medical conditions. 

If you’ve landed on this page, there’s a high chance that you might be one of those people. 

Or, you are at least curious about the potential benefits of CBD oil for pain relief.

It is unwise to consider CBD oil a treatment for a particular ailment.

Although there are links between CBD use and the endocannabinoid system, which manages a lot of our everyday health, it is still important to consider it as a way to restore balance and encourage wellness

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Can CBD oil help with pain?
  • How CBD oil works
  • How do you use CBD oil for pain
  • Where to buy the best CBD for pain relief

Let’s get into it. 

What is Pain?

Pain typically refers to a physical sensation that is often caused by illness or injury. 

In some cases, it can be a mental pain too, which can be caused by emotions or mental trauma. 

The most general physical pain symptoms are aches, discomfort, or soreness. It can often be a result of tissue damage. 

Everyone has experienced pain at some point in their life.

It can be triggered by hurting your arm during sport or soreness after surgery. Whatever type of pain you experience, it can be managed with the right care.

Pain is a response that is controlled by a number of systems controlling your body, including the endocannabinoid system.

Now, you may be wondering how CBD oil may help to restore the body to manage pain symptoms. 

For those curious, which we are sure you are, here’s more:

Why Should You Be Wary of Companies Selling CBD Oil For Pain?

When purchasing any healthcare product from online or physical stores, you must be wary of companies that are not legitimate or certified. 

Many companies on the market claim to sell a product that can be used as a treatment for pain. 

But, it is important to remember that the health claims are unreliable and the best way to consider CBD is as a supplement. 

You should aim to use CBD the same way you would store-bought vitamins.

If you’re still choosing to use CBD oil for pain relief, the method of delivery comes second to the main priority, which is ensuring the CBD oil is:

  • Full-spectrum
  • Naturally contains ingredients from the entire hemp plant
  • Organic
  • Ethically produced

After all, nature knows best!

Companies that claim that using their products will treat your pain are lying to you – and the factors above are just some of the ways to filter these unreliable brands out of your search.

what to look for in a cbd oil for pain relief
But remember, CBD is only meant to support your endocannabinoid system - there is not enough research yet to confirm whether it can be used as pain relief

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD directly works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, often referred to as ECS. 

By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD works to promote general wellness and restore balance in the body. 

CBD intercepts both of the key receptors in the endocannabinoid system, CB1 and CB2. 

These are both responsible for transmitting signals to the brain. 

When a person uses CBD and the ECS receptors are intercepted, it can rebalance and restore the body’s natural homeostasis. 

Homeostasis involves the body’s natural processes such as physical and chemical balances, which can help create a stable equilibrium. 

Homeostasis even plays a role in the pain response.

When a stable equilibrium is achieved, a person can maintain overall wellness and wellbeing – this is why some people may notice a reduction in their pain after using CBD, because it is changing the way receptors are transmitting messages around the body.

When the ECS is regulated and the body achieves a balanced state of homeostasis, it can maintain good health and balance both the biological and physiological processes.

CBD for pain research
Other highly researched usages of CBD oil include for insomnia and anxiety

How Do You Use CBD Oil for Pain?

CBD oil comes in many different forms. 

From balms to vapes, there are so many different types of CBD products.

Depending on the type of CBD you use, it will offer a different level of CBD bioavailability. For example, when you consume CBD oil in a pure form and via the sublingual gland under the tongue, the bioavailability will be greater. 

This means more of the CBD molecules will be entering the bloodstream, meaning more benefits for your wellbeing.

Also, some methods mean the CBD gets into the bloodstream faster.

The quicker the CBD can enter the bloodstream, the quicker the effects. 


You can use CBD oil sublingually, which involves dropping the oil under your tongue. 

When the CBD oil is under the tongue, you should hold it there for up to 90 seconds before swallowing. 

The sublingual method offers the greatest bioavailability

As it bypasses the liver and the stomach, it enters the bloodstream immediately through the sublingual gland under the tongue.


Another popular method for quick results is vaping. 

This is more discreet than dropping the product under the tongue, as you could be enjoying any product of flavour in a vape. 

Again, it enters the bloodstream quickly as there is nothing that needs to be digested. 

Vaping is also a relaxing pastime for many and is a popular alternative to smoking. 

Alongside CBD oil, the two can promote general well being and calm, which may help relax you if you are dealing with mental or physical pain. 

A relaxed mind and body will benefit the body and any conditions that may be causing any pain.

how to use cbd oil for pain
Whichever method you use is up to your personal preference and lifestyle - but there are benefits and drawbacks to each method

Edible CBD

Edible CBD products are also a popular choice because people find that edibles are a more discreet way of taking CBD. 

You can find CBD in many products from food, capsules, gels, drinks, and cooking ingredients. 

Cooking with CBD is also a popular option for edible CBD. You can cook your foods with CBD oil, such as CBD brownies and cakes. 

Capsules and gels that contain CBD are still effective, but due to the method of taking them, they have to enter the digestive system before offering their effects. 

Thus, the bioavailability is reduced and edible products are not as quick to show results as the sublingual method. 

If you are looking to consume CBD through edibles, such as foods and drinks, that is a popular option too. The edibles may not offer a quick release but the effects will still take place. 

Effects may likely take a minimum of 30 minutes as it needs time to enter the digestive system before being broken down and transmitted into the bloodstream. 

Topical Balms and Creams

Last but not least is topical balms and creams. 

CBD infused lotions are a popular choice for people looking to reduce localised pain, such as a pulled muscle. 

CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. 

The CB2 receptors are located within the peripheral nervous system, which is the nervous system outside of the spinal cord and brain. 

When CBD oil is applied to the skin through a balm or cream, it gets into the bloodstream and interacts with the CB2 receptors.

Although the results may not be instantaneous with topical products, many people like the feeling of focusing the CBD oil on one part of the body.

The bioavailability is reduced through the topical ointment application option but with the added soothing ingredients in topical CBD such as menthol, you may notice effects sooner.

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How to choose a CBD for pain relief
Broad spectrum products mean you'll get all the benefits of the entourage effect

Which CBD Oil is Best?

The best CBD oil for you will depend on your symptoms and preference. 

If you are looking for the best CBD oil for pain in the UK, there is no 100% reliable answer as of yet, especially because brands selling CBD specifically for pain relief should be avoided.

But, ensuring you find one that is broad-spectrum and organic is the best possible start you can make. 

Using a broad-spectrum CBD oil means you know you are getting the full benefit of the hemp plant, with no added THC.

Other types of CBD oil include full-spectrum and isolates. 

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains a large amount of naturally occurring compounds from the plant itself, and a small, legal level of THC. 

CBD isolates is another type of CBD, which uses the CO2 extraction method and leaves behind the purest form of CBD. 

So long as you source ethical, sustainable, and organic CBD oil that offers real lab results, then you will have found a quality product. 

Furthermore, looking at its extraction method may help you find the purest CBD products. Those that have undergone the CO2 extraction method means that it will be of high concentrate and contain no toxic residue

Although some products that have all of the above-suggested labels may be more expensive, they will be worth it. 

Cheap CBD can be low quality, and may not have much, if any, CBD in at all. 

It could even be dangerous if you don’t buy it from somewhere reputable. 

which cbd oil is best
Research is key when buying CBD - otherwise you could waste your money, or worse

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for Pain?

Because CBD oil should not be considered as a treatment for pain, there is no official dosage.

Additionally, every persons endocannabinoid system is different because of a number of different factors – including metabolic rate and activity level.

Therefore, you may need to experiment with different dosages before coming to a conclusion about the perfect dosage.

It’s important to note that no upper limit for the amount of CBD oil has been found – meaning, theoretically, it is safe no matter how much you take.

This gives you the chance to play around with different dosages until you see the results you want.

A good rule of thumb is between 1 and 5mg per 5kg of weight. 

This means if you weigh 70kg, you may want to start with 14mg per day.

It’s always best to start lower and gradually increase, in case you get any of the uncommon side effects.

CBD oil for pain dosage
The results of using CBD oil for pain relief can vary, even between people who are very similar!

Bottom Line

CBD oil can be used to restore a stable equilibrium within the body and promote general wellness. 

If you are struggling with pain, some people find topical balms and creams helpful to reduce this discomfort slightly.

CBD should not be used as a medicine, and you should avoid brands that are specifically selling CBD oil for pain relief.

Instead, it should be used to aid good health and maintain a normal level of homeostasis. 

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