Pure Promise

We relentlessly focus on transparency, personalisation and knowledge to give you control over your health. 

Ways that we fulfill our promise:




We promise to always be open and honest with you about where our products come from and how they’re made.

Responsible sourcing & manufacturing

Our four guiding principles

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Made in the UK

All our products are manufactured and packaged locally in the UK

Natural ingredients

We only use the best ingredients to create all-natural products


The source of each ingredient can be traced to ensure quality and sustainability


Expert formulated and vigorously tested in GMP accredited labs

Lab tested

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Gluten free



100% natural


Because it’s important to you (and us) where our ingredients come from:

Adam S
"I’d had some bad experiences with CBD oils previously as I don’t think they used very good carrier oils. These guys use MCT, which gets the thumbs up from me. I’d definitely recommend Evopure compared to the others I’ve tried. ”

Lab testing

All our products are independently tested by the UK’s leading laboratories to give you peace of mind that you’re getting pure, high-quality products.
We follow rigorous lab testing standards to ensure our products are safe and high-quality. Each product is marked with a unique batch number that can be used to find the lab report and COA on our website. 

We promise to help you find the best products for your needs and goals.

What matters to you

Your goals are uniquely yours – why use an ‘anyone’ solution?

Gaile D
“Tastes rather gourmet compared to the other products on the market. They’ve done a great job here with the formulation. Life-changing product.”


Spend 2 minutes answering ten thoughtfully simple questions to receive personal recommendations.

With you every step of the way

Once we’ve got to know you, we’ll be able to guide you every step of the way.

Community Hub

A collection of resources to quickly answer all your questions.


Our UK-based team is available to help via phone or email.


Read our blog for in-depth guides on tips and all things supplements.

We promise to give you the resources you need to make informed decisions about your health & well-being.

With knowledge comes power. 

That’s why, at Evopure, we’re extremely passionate about education, and we invest heavily in creating resources that give our community the power to take control of their health. 

We hold our content to rigorous standards to ensure that you always get research-backed, up-to-date and trustworthy information.

A wealth of knowledge

Too much information can often be overwhelming – let’s break it down to help you find the most useful and relevant stuff. 

Written and reviewed by experts

Our authors and content creators are experts in their field.

Ruby Deevoy


Cannabis journalist, member of the CIC and the UK’s only mainstream CBD columnist for Top Sante magazine.

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May Woods


Qualified journalist and content creator, specialising in reporting on and writing for the CBD and cannabis industries.

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Kim Langdon

Medical Expert

Board-certified obstetrician with 19 years of clinical experience, featured in a number of CBD publications as a healthcare expert.

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Laura Howarth


A CBD specialist copywriter keen to dispel the myths around CBD and the natural health industry.

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At Evopure, we take an education first approach to everything we do.”

Elliot Blackler, Co-Founder

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Doing right by our planet

It’s our belief that any new business starting now should build from the ground up with the environmental consequences in mind. 

That’s why we’re proud to partner with Get Mads and register as an Earth Positive Business by donating per each employee and products sold to offset our carbon and plastic footprints.

Tonnes of CO2
Plastic Bottles
Trees Planted
Months Earth Positive