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CBD Oil and Driving UK: Ultimate Guide to Safety and the Law

If you’re new to CBD you may be wondering whether you can drive while using it – you can, and there may even be some benefits. Read on to find out more!

Driver safety is a top priority for many people these days, and rightly so.

Every time you get behind the wheel it is absolutely critical that you are able to drive to the best of your ability, with full focus and concentration.

This is essential to make sure that you keep yourself and others safe while on the road.

CBD Oil and Driving in the UK

In this guide we’ll look at:

  • The basics behind CBD and driving in the UK
  • Whether it is legal to take CBD whilst driving in the UK
  • How CBD interacts with drug tests
  • The impact CBD has on driving

Many people these days take CBD oil for general wellness or concentration which can help some drivers – but do you know the CBD oil and driving rules in the UK?

Accordingly, authorities have imposed strict restrictions on driving while under the influence of not only alcohol, but also drugs.

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In the UK and other countries, these regulations have been accompanied by aggressive testing campaigns to catch and prosecute offenders.

You probably know that driving while under the influence of drugs like THC is not only ill-advised, but illegal and could land you in trouble with the law. 

But what does this mean for other cannabinoids, notably CBD?

What's in this Guide?

CBD Oil and Driving UK: The Basics

The CBD compound is non-psychoactive and non-addictive, unlike that other famous cannabinoid THC.

CBD is one of dozens of compounds called cannabinoids that are naturally found in cannabis plants, including not only CBD and THC, but many others too.

All cannabinoids act on the human body’s endocannabinoid system, helping to promote better wellbeing.

CBD isolate is guaranteed to contain only pure CBD. 

However, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products can contain a large number of different cannabinoids.

Many CBD fans prefer broad-spectrum CBD because the various cannabinoids work together in what is known as the “entourage effect” to have a greater influence on general wellbeing.

There are obviously a number of concerns of taking Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound found in marijuana plants, while driving.

This is the compound that causes you to get high, which can affect your judgement, reaction times and therefore your ability to drive safely.

However, most CBD oil has concentrations of THC that are so negligible that they will not have any effects on the human body. 

In fact, in order for CBD oil and other CBD products to be sold legally in the UK, it must contain less than 0.2% THC.

THC in these concentrations will not get in the way of your ability to drive.

Given some of the relaxing effects of CBD, it is logical to wonder whether it may make you sleepy and therefore effect you while driving.

However, as we’ll discuss later in this article, taking CBD oil and driving afterwards is unlikely to make you sleepy.

In fact, it is more likely to have the opposite effect.

Is it Legal to Take CBD and Drive in the UK?

There can be some confusion over the legality of CBD oil and driving, usually because of the confusion between cannabis, hemp and marijuana.

In the UK, there are restrictions on driving while under the use of various substances, as well as set drug driving limits for each.

Furthermore, since 2015 the UK has implemented tests to check drivers for the presence of these substances.

If you are found to be driving with concentrations of any of these substances about their legal limits, you will face strict penalties of:

  • A minimum one-year driving ban
  • Unlimited fines
  • Up to six months in prison.

If convicted for drug driving you will also have a criminal record.

The current threshold limits for illegal drugs while driving in the UK are:

Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannibinol (THC)2µg/L
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)1µg/L
6-monoacetylmorphine (Heroin)5µg/L

You’ll notice that CBD is not on this list. However, THC is: legally, you are only allowed to have a blood content of up to 2µg/L (two micrograms per litre) while driving in the UK.

If you are tested and found to be in excess of this limit, you can expect to end up in serious trouble.

This may make you think that CBD, as a cannabinoid (a compound found in the cannabis plant) is illegal to take while driving.

It is important to know that THC and CBD are not the same thing, and neither are THC and cannabis. THC and CBD are both cannabinoids that naturally occur in cannabis plants.

However, THC is one cannabinoid that is found in high concentrations in one type of cannabis plant, marijuana.

On the other hand, CBD is a completely different cannabinoid, and commercially-available CBD is generally derived from the hemp plant.

These plants may contain minimal amounts of THC, as well as other cannabinoids, but CBD and THC are not the same thing and are completely different chemical compounds!

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Therefore, just because driving while under the influence of THC is restricted, this doesn’t mean that using CBD oil and driving afterwards is also illegal.

If you are using a CBD oil or other CBD product that is being sold legally in the UK, you should have no issues with driving legally

For a product to be sold legally in the UK, it must have no more than 0.2% THC concentration.

Similarly, for these products to be sold in the US, they can have no more than 0.3% THC. In either case, you are unlikely to get a positive result in a drug test, and will not feel any of the psychoactive or other effects of the THC.

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CBD Driving Drug Test

CBD Oil and Drug Tests

Under current UK law, police officers can test drivers if they suspect that they are under the influence of drugs – if you’re driving dangerously or have drug paraphernalia in your car, for example.

In recent years, they have developed and introduced drug screening kits that can test drivers for THC, cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs.

Alternatively, they may ask you to do a “field impairment check” to see if your driving abilities are impaired.

If either test returns a positive result, you will be taken back to the police station for a blood test. The results of this official blood test, if positive, can then be used to prosecute you.  

There are some limited situations where you may have a detectable concentration of THC in your saliva or blood after using CBD oil or another CBD product.

However, most of these instances relate to buying low-quality CBD products that have a higher THC concentration than you were aware of.

However, the bottom line is, if you use CBD that has less than the legal concentration of 0.2% THC, you are very unlikely to return a positive result for THC on a drug test.

This is where the importance of buying locally-made CBD oil or at least a product sold by a reputable local dealer comes in.

If you buy a CBD oil of foreign origin it can be difficult to be sure that it meets UK requirements, and in particular the THC concentration.

In short: as long as it is legal to buy, possess, and use CBD in your country, it is likely that taking CBD oil and driving is legal.

There are no restrictions on taking CBD oil and driving UK, and as long as you are using a CBD that has been legally sold in the UK you will have no issues.

The legality of CBD varies greatly across the world, however, so be careful if you are travelling or living abroad.

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Legal concerns aside, is it a good idea to take CBD while driving? Let’s take a look.

Is CBD Oil Legal Whilst Driving in My Country

How Does CBD Impact on Driving?

Generally speaking, the CBD compound will not affect you strongly enough to impact on your drivingIt is the presence of other compounds, in particular THC, that you need to worry about.

If you take a CBD oil that has a high concentration of THC (above the legal limit for CBD products sold in the UK) you may experience some effects that will make it more difficult to drive.

So again, it is important to make sure you buy a high-quality, accurately-labelled CBD oil that has a THC concentration of 0.2% or less.

Always be sure to check the THC content before taking any CBD oil – this should be shown on the label – and verify that this is accurate by checking the manufacturer’s lab reports.

Additionally, it is important to only buy quality CBD oil from reputable suppliers, so you can be confident that the information they give you is correct.

Otherwise, you risk getting scammed and not only receiving an inferior product, but one that may contain high enough levels of CBD to make it unsafe to drive.

The direct effects of the CBD compound is not going to give you an immediate sleepy effect, and will not impact on your driving performance.

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How does CBD impact driving
It may be ideal to see how CBD works for you before driving or operating heavy machinery - in case you're worried

Does CBD make you sleepy?

A lot of people have CBD for sleep if they struggle to get to or stay asleep.

Some studies have indicated a link between CBD and better sleep, though research is still in its early stages and this area needs further investigation.

Does this mean that CBD makes you sleep and therefore taking CBD oil and driving could impact your driving? 

The answer is no.

Helping you get a good night’s sleep is not necessarily the same as making you sleepy.

A recent literature review found that CBD is effective in promoting deeper REM sleep overnight.

Furthermore, the review found that taking CBD over time can help to reduce daytime sleepiness.

This is because when you regularly sleep better, with quality, REM sleep overnight, you will be more alert and refreshed during the day. In this way, taking CBD may actually make you feel less sleepy rather than more sleepy while driving.

However, to understand why this is we need to learn a little bit about how CBD works.

Does CBD oil make you sleepy
It's not like taking sleeping pills - it tries to rebalance what is already going on within your body

The Verdict on CBD Oil and Driving

Rules and guidelines are helpful, but it is important to remember that compounds affect everyone differently

Therefore, how you feel after you take CBD may be different to how others react.

As long as you are using a quality CBD product with the negligible levels of THC which are legal for sale in the UK, from a legal perspective you are absolutely ok to drive after or while taking CBD.

Taking CBD oil and driving will ultimately be a personal decision.

Notice how you feel after taking CBD and see whether you feel it is safe and responsible to drive.

Take a look at our other blog posts to learn more about CBD, its benefits, and advice, and keep checking back for the latest news!

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