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CBD Oil and Alcohol: Can they Mix? Latest Research & More

In recent years, the CBD industry has seen an enormous surge in popularity

The trend has emerged since manufacturers have produced products such as CBD oil, soaps, gummies, and topical creams. 

With the ease of access to CBD and the numerous CBD benefits, there is no wonder it has increased in popularity. 

CBD oil and alcohol

In this article, we’re covering:

  • Can you take CBD while drinking?
  • Does CBD help with hangovers?
  • The benefits and risks of taking CBD oil and alcohol
  • Should you take CBD instead of alcohol?

In 2018, the global CBD market was estimated at $4.6 billion. By 2025, the market is expected to exceed $5.3bn – but some report that the industry has already gone past that figure. 

However, in terms of value, the CBD market does not quite meet that of the alcohol industry. 

Yet, with CBD reporting more health benefits than health risks, it may be a popular alternative to harmful substances. 

For those intrigued by alcohol-infused CBD products or wondering if you can consume CBD oil and alcohol together, this article reviews if, how, and what happens when they mix. 

What's in this Guide?

What is CBD Oil?

The scientific name for CBD is cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. The close association with cannabis is that it causes psychoactive effects. But, CBD is not responsible for that. 

Instead, it is the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound that causes the feeling of being high. 


CBD is not often extracted and used in its high concentration. It is commonly mixed with other properties so that it can be used in products. The most common mixtures include coconut, hemp, or palm oil. 

When CBD is used in products and consumed either orally or externally, the compound has seen benefits for numerous health concerns, such as reducing anxiety and inhibiting cancer cell growth.  

With many clinical studies proving positive benefits to the different types of CBD products, it has taken the wellness industry by storm. It is now a prevalent alternative for health medications and stress-busting habits, such as alcohol. 

Yet, many still wonder if alcohol can be mixed with CBD products. If you’re new to CBD oil, make sure you’re clued up before we go further with this handy video guide:

Can you Mix CBD Oil and Alcohol?

Many of us look for a way to switch off after work or a stressful event. Whichever method you use to unwind, the most popular way is substance use. 

With the growing popularity of CBD and on-going alcohol use, many consider using the two together for extra benefits

Yet, there is insufficient evidence to prove that additional benefits can occur from mixing the two. To understand if they can be combined safely, we should look at the two separately and how they affect the body. 

CBD is popular for its relaxation and calm-inducing sensation. It has a subtle influence throughout the entire body. In contrast, alcohol use can induce adverse effects on the body by impacting mood and coordination. 

Cannabidiol interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network that runs throughout the body. From your head to your toes, CBD is responsible for balancing your body’s biology

Reports show that CBD may also interact with non-cannabinoid receptors, such as the brain and its receptors. If so, CBD may positively impact regulating serotonin, the happiness chemical in the brain that can combat mental health disorders. 

Opposingly, alcohol use is known to harm your health by causing an unbalance in the central nervous system. Short term effects of alcohol can be positive, such as helping you relax. 

Yet, it is the long-term impact that can cause damage to your mind and body health

Clinical studies show that long-term alcohol use may increase the risk of depression

Studies do not display severe side effects of mixing CBD with alcohol, but it could result in long and short-term health complications. There is little evidence to suggest it is safe to mix; it is advised to take precautions. 

What Happens if you Mix CBD Oil and Alcohol?

Some assume that mixing CBD oil and alcohol may balance each other’s effects, such as reducing the risk of depression. While some believe it may cause interactions and amplify specific effects, such as increasing relaxation to the point of sedation. 

More on why mixing the two substances may cause interactions or offer benefits to follow…

Can you mix CBD oil and alcohol?
There are even some guides on making your own CBD cocktails - but personally, we love CBD tea and coffee...

They may amplify each other’s effects

Alcohol is a depressant, and CBD is a relaxant. When mixing CBD oil and alcohol, what you don’t want is for the effects of both to be amplified too much – particularly the effects of alcohol.

As a clinical study displayed, participants who mixed CBD with alcohol saw an impairment in motor performance and delayed reactions. Alcohol consumption often results in slower reactions, which is shown in the study. 

Yet, the results suggest that the reaction times were slower than usual. As a result, CBD may amplify the depressive effect of alcohol – which is unlikely to be desired.

However, what research hasn’t yet shown is whether alcohol can amplify the effects of CBD oil and offer a stronger relaxation effect.

CBD oil protects the liver from binge drinking

CBD oil has been popular for its ability to reduce oxidative stress. When oxidative stress occurs, the free radicals and antioxidants become imbalanced, allowing pathogens to enter the body more easily. 

Areas of the body that are most at risk are the liver, brain, and heart. Pathogens lead to infections and disease, such as liver disease. 

Whether the imbalance is induced by harmful substances or not, research has found that CBD use can reduce oxidative stress and regulate the balance of free radicals. The study was concluded by Free Radical Biology & Medicine to suggest that CBD oil is a useful substance for protecting the liver against stress and harmful substances, such as alcohol. 

CBD can reduce the effects of neurodegeneration

As mentioned, oxidative stress can impact the brain, which causes a deterioration of the neurological system—common neurological conditions including Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons’disease, which can be influenced by binge drinking

Due to CBD being profound for its calming effects on the mind and body, an abundance of research has been undertaken to see if it can reduce neurological diseases. 

A study on rodents found that alcohol-induced neurodegeneration conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, can be reduced through CBD use. The study involved using a CBD-infused topical gel while the alcohol was administered, and the effects of the condition were less severe. 

Further research shows that CBD oil can be a useful tool for managing the effects of Dementia. The neurological disease causes anxiety and agitation, which can be helpful for limiting these behavioral symptoms. The CBD products cannot inhibit the development of such conditions but can be useful for symptom management.

CBD can reduce cell damage

Regular alcohol consumption can cause a variety of health issues, from inflammation to chronic diseases. The risk of developing such problems is increased through binge drinking. Several studies have concluded that CBD use may inhibit or reduce the impact alcohol can have on our cells.

As a result, it can prevent cell damage-related health problems. 

Cell damage that causes inflammation can affect the joints, brain, and heart. 

A study on joint inflammation discovered that the use of CBD on affected areas reduced the pain and swelling. Most studies have been tested on animals, so more human research needs to be completed to verify the benefits. 

CBD may reduce blood alcohol levels

A person can measure the amount of alcohol in their blood through blood alcohol concentration (BAC). A high concentration often results in loss of motor and cognitive control. Although CBD cannot reduce this measure, it has proven to help lower blood alcohol levels. 

The Psychopharmacology Journal found that people who took a CBD capsule after consuming it had lower blood alcohol levels than those who did not use CBD.  

There are some conflicting results in animal studies on the effect CBD can have on blood alcohol levels. Thus, more research needs to happen to conclude the definite impact. 

You may be wondering whether it is beneficial to replace alcohol consumption with CBD. With CBD causing fewer side effects and health benefits, it may be worth considering. 

Latest research into mixing CBD oil and alcohol
Some research into CBD oil and alcohol is positive, and some is negative - you need to consider your own priorities before mixing them

Can CBD Replace Alcohol?

Alcohol can impact every part of the body, from the internal organs to the skin and mental health. As discussed, alcohol consumption and binge drinking can cause various health conditions from neurological to liver disease. 

In contrast, CBD offers positive benefits for a person’s health, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Thus, many are weighing up whether it is worth replacing alcohol with CBD-infused products. 

CBD has proven to offer more health benefits than risks and can reduce some of the damaging effects alcohol can induce. With CBD products being widely accepted, it may be worth cutting down or out your alcohol consumption and replacing that with CBD products. 

Can you add CBD to Drinks?

There is a growing market for CBD-infused drinks such as beers and cocktails. Yet, the market and research are still new for understanding if and how they complement each other. 

There has been no guarantee that CBD oil and alcohol together can be harmful or useful, so it is best to take necessary precautions if you combine CBD oil and alcohol. 

To make CBD drinks 100% safe, it will be worth adding the product to non-alcoholic beverages

But, if you wish to try CBD-infused drinks or create your own, ensure only to consume a moderate amount of CBD oil and alcohol simultaneously. 

Each response to mixing is individual. Thus there is no guarantee of the side effects you may experience. 

Final thoughts

With there not being enough substantial evidence on the effects mixing CBD oil and alcohol can induce, it is best to take precautions to inhibit any damaging health risks. Combining the two substances may amplify the risks or balance the side effects. 

Evidence suggests CBD can play a supporting role in reducing or inhibiting alcohol-induced conditions, such as liver disease and Alzheimer’s. 

So, if you want to use CBD to overcome health conditions and repair your overall health, it may be worth cutting down alcohol consumption and replacing it with CBD health-supporting products. 

Until more definitive research is available, it is best to be safe and mature when combining CBD oil and alcohol.

If you found this article on CBD oil and alcohol interesting, you can find more of our other posts equally as intriguing. CBD offers more positive benefits for your health than you might assume; find out more on our blog

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