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CBD Oil for Migraines: Does it Work? Everything You Should Know

7 min read
CBD oil for migraines: everything you should know

CBD Oil for Migraines: Does it Work? Everything You Should Know

7 min read

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Migraines are more common than they should be, and leave people in agony and discomfort. But why are some people turning to CBD oil? Is this advisable? Read on to find out.

In this guide:

Migraines are the third most common medical concern in the world. 

Unlike a normal headache, migraines really affect people’s lifestyles and can last up to several weeks at a time in the worst cases.

However, some people are turning towards supplements to support their overall wellbeing, in the hope that balance may be restored in their bodies which will reduce migraines.

CBD Oil for Migraines

A common way of doing this is through using CBD oil

In this guide we’ll be covering:

  • What are migraines?
  • Can CBD oil help with migraines?
  • How does CBD oil work?
  • How to use CBD oil for migraines
  • How to choose the best CBD oil

Although CBD oil should not be used as a medicine, it may be able to help improve the overall wellbeing in our bodies.

How? Let’s take a look.

What are Migraines?

A migraine is a moderate to severe form of headache which is felt as a throbbing pain on the side of the head

Some people also feel sick or may be sensitive to light or sound during an attack.

They can be very debilitating, particularly for people who experience them regularly.

For people commonly troubled with mild migrainesnot taking pain relief isn’t an option

This is where some may choose CBD oil to manage their migraine symptoms over time, sometimes in addition to pain medication.

It is similar to taking vitamins each day to maintain and improve your general health and wellbeing.

The issue is more common in women, with one in every five women being affected at some point in their life. 

Whereas for men, the average is one in fifteen.

What are migraines?
Migraines are much worse than regular headaches, and can affect people for days at a time

Can CBD Oil Help With Migraines and Headaches?

CBD oil works to promote general wellness and restore balance within the body.

Although it may not be able to treat the migraine symptoms directly, it may help regain balance which could support overall health and make you less susceptible to painful attacks.

CBD oil works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, which is made up of cannabinoid receptors found all over the body.

A normal and healthy functioning body lives in a state of homeostasis, which is where all of the body’s internal systems control things such as temperature, mood, and carbon dioxide levels. 

Our bodies are always trying to exist in a state of homeostasis. When a person consumes CBD, it can help our bodies maintain a normal level of homeostasis by supporting the endocannabinoid system.

Internal processes play a part in homeostasis including: 


This means that when something is wrong with your body, such as a migraine, the endocannabinoid system is playing a vital role in trying to sort it out.

It is important to recognize that CBD isn’t a medicine

Instead, you should use it as a supplement. CBD oil shouldn’t be used for treating any particular ailment.

Why Should You Be Wary of Companies Selling CBD Oil For Migraines or Headaches?

Many companies are attempting to sell CBD oil as a treatment, rather than a way to promote good health and wellness. 

Some of these companies claim to be able to rectify the issue, instead of helping balance the body’s processes

It is important to steer clear from these claims and be wary of companies selling a product that is making health claims

These companies are unreliable.

As we’ve mentioned, CBD is not a medicine and shouldn’t be used as one. 

Instead, always choose companies that are lab-tested and sell ethical, sustainable, and organic products. 

The key here is the lab-test results, as these will be the companies that are promoting their CBD products reliably and selling safe products.

CBD oil for migraines
However, CBD can work with your endocannabinoid system to encourage your health and wellbeing which may make symptoms easier to manage

How Does CBD Oil Work?

The best way to think of the endocannabinoid system is a series of locks and keys. The locks are our cannabinoid receptors – CB1 and CB2 – and the keys are cannabinoids.

These keys are either produced naturally by your body or taken as a supplement such as CBD oil.

You should think of CBD in the same way you may take vitamin C tablets to support your immune system – you can take CBD oil to support your endocannabinoid system.

For migraines, CBD oil works closely with the CB1 receptors. 

There are two receptors that CBD oil works with to enhance wellness and restore balance within the body

When a person uses CBD products, signals are transmitted to the brain through the CB1 and CB2 receptors. 

When a person is experiencing a migraine and uses CBD oil, the cannabinoids within the CBD product will interact with the body to restore balance and promote wellness throughout the body.

Types of CBD Oil Products
There are lots of different ways to take CBD oil for migraines

How Do You Use CBD Oil for Migraines?

There are various ways in which a person can use CBD oil for restoring balance and promoting wellness

As CBD should not be seen as a treatment for any ailment, you can use it in a variety of ways to suit you. 

Depending on how you consume CBD, its bioavailability may change. 

For instance, consuming it through the sublingual method will result in quicker, stronger effects as the CBD oil bypasses the liver and enters the bloodstream. 

Whereas if a person consumes an edible CBD product, the CBD has to bypass the liver and digest in the stomach before entering the bloodstream. 

Bioavailability may also vary depending on how much CBD oil you use, whether you have eaten, or consumed any other consumable products. 


Sublingual administration of CBD is just a technical way of saying to put the oil under your tongue for a minute or two to absorb the CBD through the sublingual gland under the tongue, which allows faster absorption into the bloodstream.

Taking CBD sublingually means it gets into the bloodstream to take effect faster which some users prefer – especially if you’re in the middle of a migraine attack.

Vaping CBD 

Another way to take CBD is by using an e-cigarette or vape pen and using cannabidiol e-liquids.

Vaping isn’t without risks, but it may be the best way for you to take CBD if you already use e-cigarettes, are looking to stop smoking, or aren’t keen on taking CBD sublingually. 

Vaping CBD products work fast because the cannabidiol can get into the bloodstream quickly, similar to taking it under the tongue, so it may be helpful if you’re looking to use CBD oil for migraines after the migraine has started.

Edible CBD

A highly popular way of taking CBD is in capsule, gummy, tea or candy form

You can even bake with CBD and make CBD cakes, brownies, or smoothies. 

Capsules are especially common for people who take CBD every day as part of their morning or evening routines to supplement their health, alongside taking vitamins each day.

However, ingesting CBD might not be ideal for people who want to see the results quickly. For example, if you feel a migraine attack coming on, it could take an hour or more for the body to digest the cannabinoids if you consume CBD capsules or food.

But it can be a great solution for daily use to supplement your wellbeing and doesn’t have the CBD oil taste that many users find unpleasant when taking oil under the tongue.

In this way, it is best used as a preventative measure to supplement your health long-term.

Topical CBD-infused Products

Another way of using CBD, especially if you’re experiencing pain, is using a topical balm or salve to rub directly into the area where it hurts. 

The CBD gets absorbed into the skin and then into the bloodstream, where it can get to work.

This could be beneficial if you’re suffering from migraine pain, by rubbing it into your temples.

How you choose to use CBD is your preference. 

For most people, taking CBD oil isn’t just about a one-off use. Some people find that the effects are immediate, and others may find it takes a week or more to notice changes in their health – depending on what they’re trying to treat.

Ultimately, how long it takes CBD oil to work depends on the person.

For migraines, you may notice you see effects in your wellbeing after about 15-30 minutes if you’ve taken CBD oil sublingually or using a vape pen.

How long does CBD oil take to work
So many things impact how long CBD oil takes to work for migraines

Which CBD Oil is Best for Headaches and Migraines?

There are various types of CBD oil. 

Some forms contain pure CBD and others are mixed with THC. CBD oil cannot result in the same “high” effect that THC can

Therefore, you do not have to worry about THC drug tests or the psychoactive results of THC. 

So long as you stick to CBD oils that contain less than 0.3% of THC, you will witness no “high” side effects. 

Read more: CBD vs THC

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils also contain a wider range of cannabinoids. Some people consider these oils to be more effective, rather than taking a CBD isolate that contains only one type of cannabinoid. 

However, people’s preferences vary and what you take is your choice. 

Here are the key differences between the three forms of CBD oil:

  • Full-spectrum: contains a range of cannabinoids and less than 0.3% THC. 
  • Broad-spectrum: contains a range of cannabinoids and no THC. 
  • CBD isolate: contains one type of cannabinoid, no THC, and is the purest form of CBD oil. 

There are no CBD oils that should be considered the best. There are various types available.

Some may work better for some people. The choice is up to you. 

When purchasing a CBD oil, it is always important to remember to look for the following labels:

  • Lab-tested
  • Ethical 
  • Sustainable 
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Pesticide-free

These labels will indicate that you are purchasing a high-quality CBD oil that will be effective. 

Cheap CBD can be low quality and may not have much CBD in at all. It could even be dangerous if you don’t buy it from somewhere reputable.

Which CBD oil is best
At Evopure, we make sure of all of these things so you can trust your CBD

Bottom Line

Whatever CBD oil or method you choose, it is most important that you’re informed about your choices, and that you know what to expect when taking CBD oil for migraines.

Taking CBD for any ailment, migraines or something else, it is important to remember to use them as you would a supplement. 

CBD products can be used to promote general wellness and wellbeing but shouldn’t be used as a medicine. 

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