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What You Need To Know About CBD Oil for Sex

5 min read
CBD oil for sex

What You Need To Know About CBD Oil for Sex

5 min read

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From bath bombs to pet products, toothpaste to medicine cabinets – CBD is everywhere these days.

So, it’s little surprise that we have arrived here. And by “here,” we’re talking CBD oil for sex

CBD is the new trend in sexual wellness – the cannabinoid has made its way into lubes and creams, oral sprays, massage oils, and ingestibles – All aimed to improve your sex life

So, do they work? Is CBD oil really good for sex?

Let’s look at the following:

  • How does CBD oil for sex work
  • How to use CBD oil for sex
  • What is the best CBD for sex?

In this guide:

Is CBD oil good for sex? 

So, can CBD improve your sex life? 

Using CBD before or during sex can relax muscles and help reduce anxiety, plus provide lubrication – all of which can be beneficial for good and pleasurable sex.  

There’s scientific evidence supporting the use of CBD for sex – in fact, research from 2009 showed that endocannabinoid receptors are present in both male and female sexual reproductive organs. 

Not only are receptors present, but more recent research published in 2014 emphasises the role of the ECS in reproduction: referring to the system as “deeply involved in the central and local control of reproductive functions in both sexes.”

While most CBD sex products tend to be marketed towards women and female pleasure, such research indicates that CBD may impact men’s experiences in these areas equally.

But what do endocannabinoid receptors have to do with sex? The ECS’s relationship to reproduction and fertility doesn’t mean CBD can improve your sex life, even if it impacts fertility. 

While this is true, let’s rewind. 

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the key bodily mechanism that interacts with CBD. It’s a complex network of cells and receptors involved in regulating and managing many systems and processes. It is also essential for maintaining a state of “homeostasis,” or balance, in the body.

CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors by helping increase the number of endocannabinoids in the body – including the ones found within sexual/reproductive organs. When CBD stimulates the receptors, the body reacts in simple terms by relaxing – generating an anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory effect.

This is also backed up by anecdotal evidence and survey responses: One recent survey found that 64% of respondents who had used CBD in the bedroom felt it had improved their sexual experiences.

how to use cbd oil for sex
Research shows that CBD may lead to improved sexual experiences.

How does CBD oil affect sex drive?

Can CBD oil improve sex drive? Is CBD an aphrodisiac? 

So, we’ve established that CBD can improve sexual experiences. But can it help improve sex drive too? 

Some studies suggest a link between CBD’s anxiety-reducing properties and enhanced libido. Stress is a known cause of low libido. So, in relieving stress, CBD is thought to have a helping hand in stimulating desire / increasing sex drive.

Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a plethora of human trials which we can lend to productive causal or conclusive statements around CBD, anxiety, and sex. However, if CBD helps anxiety, it stands to reason that a secondary benefit may also be that CBD can help combat a low libido. 

While there isn’t much research into CBD and sexual arousal, studies support the use of cannabis more generally in improving sex drive. One study at the University of British Columbia looked at the impact of cannabis, specifically on women’s libido. Researchers found that cannabis-infused topicals could increase arousal and sexual stimulation in women.

And, while it’s impossible to extrapolate these findings to CBD (which is just one of over 133 cannabinoids in cannabis!), the study did imply the existence of a relationship between female sexual arousal and endocannabinoid concentration.

Is cbd oil good for sex
CBD may improve sex drive by lowering stress and anxiety.

How to use CBD oil for sex

So, how do you apply CBD oil for sex? Are topicals the best form, or can ingesting CBD also improve sexual well-being and experience?

Topical CBD as a lubricant

While there isn’t specific scientific evidence around using CBD as a lubricant, research has been conducted on topical CBD for dermatology. 

According to a 2010 study, topical CBD produces an anti-inflammatory effect that could make sex more comfortable. Topically applied CBD is also thought to increase blood flow and help with muscle relaxation – all qualities which might make CBD-infused lubricants an option for people who suffer from pain during sex.

Ingesting CBD

As well as topical use, ingesting CBD can be a great way to incorporate CBD into sexual health and wellness routines. In particular, if you’re taking CBD to help relax during sex, ingesting CBD oil is a great option. 

The fastest way to consume CBD oil is to absorb it sublingually – dropping oil under your tongue and holding it there for between 45 and 60 seconds. CBD then travels to your bloodstream and immediately gets to work.

When should I take CBD oil for sex?

While there’s no specific time thought ‘best’ to take CBD oil for sex, people generally report using CBD as a lubricant just before and during sex

If you’re ingesting CBD, do so between 30 minutes and an hour before engaging in sexual activity. This will give CBD oil enough time to take effect.

How to choose the best CBD oil for sex

So, which CBD should you choose for sex?

If you’re looking to buy a lubricant infused with CBD, there are several factors to consider. 

Always choose a brand you trust, and read first about CBD infusion. How much CBD is in the product – is the cannabinoid just being used as a buzzword with which to sell a product, or is it truly an active ingredient? 

Look for brands that advertise CBD percentages and provide a certificate of analysis related to CBD content. This will provide crucial information about the origin and amount of CBD in a product.

Aside from safety concerns, it’s important to consider the type of CBD. We recommend choosing a brand that incorporates either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, instead of CBD isolates. 

This is because both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products include several other cannabinoids, which facilitate an entourage effect.

Finally, choosing an organic CBD product means avoiding potentially harmful and unnecessary pesticides and chemicals.

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Final thoughts on CBD and sex

While there isn’t a tonne of published evidence supporting the use of CBD and sex, research into CBD use in the bedroom is ongoing. However, preliminary evidence all points towards the use of CBD improving sexual experience. 

In the meantime, the use of CBD in sex is supported primarily by significant anecdotal evidence. Whether it’s to relieve anxiety, ease pain, increase arousal, or act as a relaxant, CBD can be a great way to improve intimate experiences.