About Us

The Problem

CBD itself has the potential to revolutionise an industry by providing a powerful alternative natural supplement that can support a healthy balance and wellbeing. But, this young, growing industry is plagued with misinformation and opportunist sellers that deliberately mislead consumers on CBD quality, quantity and benefit claims. This has led to many getting stung by poor quality CBD and writing off a product that in some cases could have had a significant positive impact on their lives.

Why Evopure?

Evopure was founded on the belief that you deserve to know what you are putting in your body and why. Through our radically transparent approach, we look to arm you with information on our products and CBD in general to help you make an informed decision. From 3rd party lab reports to proof of origin and product breakdowns, Evopure strives to give you more control over your health and match you with the best possible CBD and hemp products. 

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Our reason for being

It’s our belief that any new business starting now should build from the ground up with the environmental consequences in mind. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Get Mads and register as an Earth Positive Business by donating per each employee and products sold to offset our carbon and plastic footprints. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on what projects we are supporting through our partnership with Get Mads!