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What You Should Know Before Using CBD Oil for Gout

5 min read
CBD oil for gout UK

What You Should Know Before Using CBD Oil for Gout

5 min read

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Gout affects around 1 in 40 people in the UK. It is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis worldwide, which is why fans of CBD are hopeful it could provide a treatment option in the future.

There have been no human trials exploring the use of CBD oil for gout relief, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t something you can’t explore on your path to wellness.

CBD oil can be taken in many forms to help support your endocannabinoid system and your general health. 

It’s a simple addition to your daily routine that could provide some relief and help individuals manage their condition alongside more traditional treatment options.

In this article, we will explore the following topics:

  • What is gout and how is it commonly treated?
  • Can you use CBD oil for gout?
  • Our tips for using CBD oil for gout

In this guide:

What is gout?

Gout is a form of arthritis that occurs when too much uric acid builds up in the bloodstream, creating needle-like urate crystals in and around the joints and under the skin.

This leads to swelling in joints, considerable pain, and reduced mobility, affecting the quality of life.

Gout is not an ongoing condition. Instead, those with gout will typically have flare-ups that last between five to seven days.

High uric acid in the body may result from eating a diet rich in purines, which is a protein found in many foods. It can also be caused by crash dieting, alcohol, stress, injury or by certain medicines.

There is growing evidence to suggest that certain genetic factors may lead the body to produce too much uric acid. 

Treatments for gout

There are two common treatments for gout.

The first addresses the pain associated with a flare-up, and the second addresses the underlying cause to help prevent gout flare-ups from returning.

Anti-inflammatory medication is the most common treatment to help individuals manage the pain of a flare-up. This would typically include a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen.

CBD oil for gout pain in elbow
Anti-inflammatory medication and lifestyle changes are the most common treatments for gout pain.

Does CBD help gout?

CBD isn’t medicine, and therefore we cannot say with any certainty if it can help those with gout. 

However, we do know that CBD is effective for helping to promote a sense of wellbeing.

But how exactly does it help with gout? 

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is essential for regulating processes throughout the body, including inflammation response.

It is thought that CBD helps support the endocannabinoid system by inhibiting an enzyme that triggers the breakdown of cannabinoids produced in the body. 

Thus, by increasing cannabinoid levels, the system can work more efficiently.

Individuals turn to CBD oil for a variety of reasons. 

While aggressive marketing tactics lead some to believe that CBD oil is a magic elixir that will cure everything, the reality is quite different.

Rather than treating CBD as a cure for gout, it should be treated as a therapeutic tool to help you manage your lifestyle as you tackle the root causes of gout.

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How to use CBD oil for gout

CBD should be considered like any other supplement. You wouldn’t expect overnight results from a single vitamin C supplement, but consistent use over time can help to support your body. 

CBD oil should be treated the same way.

If you decide you want to try CBD oil for gout, there are many different ways to add it to your daily routine. It’s also possible to mix-and-match products for better outcomes.

CBD oil drops for gout

CBD oil drops are placed under the tongue and held there for around 30 seconds. The cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the tiny blood vessels in the mucous membranes.

There is a range of CBD oil strengths available, allowing you to select a daily dosing routine that works for you.

The main benefit of CBD oil drops for gout is that the CBD is dispersed into your bloodstream quickly. It’s also very easy to adjust your dose according to your needs.

CBD cream for gout

Another popular choice for those living with gout would be a topical CBD products. This can be applied directly to sore joints.

Our CBD topicals are blended with ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to help soothe inflamed muscles and joints.

Exercise is often vital in controlling gout flare-ups, but exercise can also put added pressure on your joints. 

CBD cream can help you feel more in control of your flare-ups so you can exercise with confidence.

CBD capsules for gout

If you want to take CBD but don’t want to worry about the dosage, CBD capsules are the ideal choice. Our CBD capsules are available in 10mg and 25mg strengths. 

You can easily add this to your daily supplement routine

CBD capsules are absorbed through the digestive system, which means it takes longer to get into your bloodstream.

Find the correct CBD dosage for gout

Since CBD isn’t a medicine, we don’t have proper guidelines on the correct dosage or serving size for gout. 

Instead, we recommend that individuals explore CBD in their own time and note how it makes them feel.

Tolerance to CBD can vary depending on your age, sex, size, experience with CBD and individual metabolism.

This is why there is no standard serving size. However, there are upper limits you should be aware of.

The Food Standards Agency recommends that healthy adults do not exceed 70 mg of CBD in a day.

We recommend starting with a daily dose of around 5-10 mg of CBD and gradually increasing it until you are satisfied with the results. Most people find that approximately 20 mg of CBD per day is their ideal serving size.

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Does CBD help gout in feet?
The correct dosage of CBD is determined by age, metabolism, weight and CBD experience.

Tips to choose the best CBD for gout in the UK

It’s important to choose a reputable CBD supplier. Poor quality CBD could be contaminated with microbes, heavy metals and pesticides

Another risk with poor quality CBD is that it could contain illegal levels of THC. In the UK, products are not allowed to contain more than 1mg CBD per container.

So, before choosing your CBD supplier, always check for a certificate of analysis. This will help you to understand what is in the CBD products you have chosen.

And finally, we recommend keeping a symptom diary to help you become more mindful of your body and how you react to CBD oil. 

This can also be helpful for tracking gout flare-ups. 

You could track things like diet, exercise and CBD dosage. You should also note any changes in pain or swelling.

Final words on CBD for gout pain

Gout can greatly impact your quality of life, but through small lifestyle changes, you could limit this impact.

One of the simplest ways to care for your wellbeing is through the use of supplements like CBD. This will help to support your body on your journey to wellness.

While CBD may not be a medicine or recognised treatment for gout, there are ways this could help support your body as you make positive lifestyle changes.