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CBD Shampoo: Miracle Haircare or Fad Trend?

5 min read
CBD shampoo

CBD Shampoo: Miracle Haircare or Fad Trend?

5 min read

From the kitchen to the bathroom, CBD oil is cropping up in the least expected places. 

Some of the stranger CBD products available on the market at the moment include CBD toothpicks, CBC hand sanitiser and even CBD-infused clothing.

There is clearly an appetite for CBD products, but are some companies simply guilty of capitalising on a trend?

CBD shampoo

Shampoo is the latest product to get the CBD treatment

But we have to wonder, is it doing anything, or is it just the latest fad?

What's in this Guide?

What is CBD Shampoo?

Most shampoo is loaded with chemicals that leave behind nasty residue. This buildup can make your hair appear dull, lifeless and prone to greasiness

This is one reason that many individuals are getting clued up on the ingredients in their shampoo and looking for more natural hair cleansing options

CBD shampoo often falls into the natural category.

CBD shampoo makes a few key claims

Firstly, it promises to calm your scalp and soothe dryness and irritation. So, if you suffer from a dry and flaky scalp, this could be the solution for you.

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Second, it promises to moisturise your locks with its unique blend of fatty acids, amino acids and other vitamins. Finally, if you suffer from dry, frizzy hair, switching to CBD shampoo could, in theory, tame your tresses.

It’s worth mentioning that CBD is often blended with other beneficial botanicals, so the cannabinoids don’t have to do all of the work.

And finally, some CBD shampoos even make the claim that they can promote hair growth. This claim is more difficult to substantiate, but it is thought that stimulating the endocannabinoid receptors in the scalp could contribute to healthy hair growth.

So, is there any truth to these claims? Or are CBD hair care products simple cashing in on the latest wellness trend?

What is cbd shampoo
There are cannabinoid receptors on the scalp and in hair follicles, which is why scientists are looking into the benefits of CBD for our hair

How Does CBD Shampoo Work?

It’s difficult to say with certainty if CBD shampoo works since the formulation will vary between brands. However, we can look at how cannabinoids might help with hair and scalp health.

The majority of CBD hair products focus on scalp health. Endocannabinoid receptors are located in the scalp and hair follicles, but we don’t yet know what impact topical CBD application will have on these receptors.

CBD is also rich in nutrients that could help to tame your tresses. 

Namely, amino acids, which are the building blocks of all proteins. Since human hair is made out of protein, this ingredient could help to strengthen weak and brittle hair.

CBD is also naturally rich in vitamins A, E and C. These offer antioxidative benefits and could help to protect your hair from free radicals in the environment. 

how does cbd shampoo work
Research into the way CBD shampoo works is very limited right now

What are the Benefits of CBD Shampoo?

CBD shampoo offers several benefits, but only when you choose a reputable supplier

Look for a shampoo that is free from sulfates, parabens, alcohol and synthetic fragrance.

  • CBD shampoo could help you to grow your hair longer and thicker by preventing breakage. CBD is loaded with fatty acids, which can help to protect the hair shaft and prevent breakage.
  • There is some evidence that CBD shampoo could help to combat hair loss by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. It also protects the hair follicle from harmful toxins which can inhibit growth.
  • CBD could be effective for treating a dry scalp. The fatty acids in CBD oil could help to moisturise your scalp and reduce inflammation. So if your dry scalp is caused by an inflammatory condition such as eczema, you might find some relief.
  • Ridding your haircare routine of nasties like sulfates and alcohol will help your hair dye stick around for longer. So, if you regularly colour your hair, you might be able to retain your colour for longer.

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benefits of cbd shampoo
All of the research into the benefits of CBD shampoo is limited and early, though

What are the Downsides of CBD Shampoo?

Before you rush out and stock up on CBD shampoo, it’s worth considering some of the limitations

  • The quality of your CBD shampoo makes a big difference. Unfortunately, some companies add CBD to poor-quality shampoo, while others add hemp seed oil and call it CBD. Finding a reputable seller with a commitment to producing quality CBD products will always be a struggle.
  • There is a low risk of allergic reaction. Even an all-natural CBD shampoo could contain potential allergens. For example, did you know that many people are allergic to lavender, sandalwood and clove? CBD is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, but it could be paired with common allergens.
  • CBD shampoo could make hair more greasy. If you have very thin and fine hair, adjusting to a CBD shampoo might take some time. Likewise, those with very oily hair might find they have to go through an adjustment period while their scalp adjusts to the shampoo.
  • No sulfate means no lather. This is a common problem for anyone switching to plant-based shampoo for the first time. Lather helps to spread the shampoo, so you might have to work a little harder to get your hair feeling clean.
drawbacks of cbd shampoo
All natural shampoos will likely have the problems associated with the adjustment period - this isn't specific to CBD

How to Choose a CBD Shampoo

Be wary of any large company adding “hemp” or “CBD” to a product and expecting it to sell. 

CBD oil isn’t cheap, and high-quality shampoo isn’t cheap, so a quality CBD shampoo won’t be cheap, either.

Look for a company with a commitment to sourcing high-quality CBD oil. The amount of CBD in the product should be demonstrated as a percentage or as mg

This should also be backed up with a certificate of analysis.

Look for a shampoo specific to your haircare concerns. For example, if you have oily hair, a shampoo with aloe vera, essential oils or apple cider vinegar will help to clarify without the sulfates. 

And if you have dry hair, ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and argan oil will help restore moisture.

You should also choose organic products as much as possible. For example, making CBD shampoo with organic hemp will help limit pesticides and contaminants

And by choosing a reputable company that values transparency, you’ll also have some reassurance that your shampoo doesn’t contain any unknown nasties.

CBD shampoo is available in liquid or bar form, which is perfect if you’re hoping to limit the single-use plastics in your home. 

A shampoo bar will last much longer, so it’s great if you’re on a budget.

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