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CBD Balm

Buy cannabinoid rich CBD balm and creams, all sourced from 100% natural ingredients.

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“Highly recommended as a natural source to alleviate tenderness and help with pain. Really lovely team too. “

£29.99 or £23.99 / month

CBD balm is a wax-based topical solution combining CBD oil with natural botanical ingredients. The balm features soothing properties and delivers deep penetrating pain relief to alleviate sore muscles and stiff joints. It provides a calming effect and is ideal for promoting skin and muscular health and easing discomfort caused by inflammation.
“Highly recommended as a natural source to alleviate tenderness and help with pain. Really lovely team too. “

£29.99 or £23.99 / month

Did you know:

Evopure is a carbon neutral company! 

Through our partnership with Greenspark, we offset the emissions for every order with donations to reforestation and plastic cleanup projects.


A deeper dive into CBD Balm:

Why use CBD Topicals?

CBD has been found to supplement your endocannabinoid system to support a more active lifestyle.

This makes it potentially helpful for a wide range of external and internal complaints – from arthritis to muscular injuries and from rashes to joint pain. It can also be used for athletes to help aid recovery and reduce discomfort.

Why buy Evopure CBD topicals?

Evopure’s CBD Topicals are blended from sustainably grown hemp, and blended with other beneficial natural ingredients to reduce inflammation, promote muscle recovery, reduce pain and soothe the skin.

The 100% natural CBD range of balm and creams are formulated by experts to target specific areas whether it’s a relief muscular sensation or soothing effect on skin. 

What else is included in the CBD balms?

Evopure developed CBD Topicals are combined with vegan, GMO-free natural ingredients that are traced to the source.

Skin is the largest organ and you deserve to know what you’re putting on it. We break down our ingredients from proof of origin to lab reports for our organically grown hemp.

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD topicals

Although it needs more research for an exact answer, it generally takes anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour for CBD balm to have an effect when applied topically.

The difference between CBD balm and cream is that the balms tend to have a base formulation of natural essential oils, wax and ointments.

This is different in the CBD creams that typically use water and chemical agents as their base formulation.

CBD Oil is extracted from the hemp plant and is typically placed with a carrier oil such as MCT to be applied sublingually.

Evopure’s CBD balm contains a range of different natural waxes and essential oils that combine with CBD to help decrease inflammation and hence soreness.

Combined with this, Evopure’s CBD muscle balm also has a wax-like texture to work as an effective massage balm when applied.

The CBD muscle balm is typically aimed at those that lead an active lifestyle and want to speed up their recovery time and relieve any muscle soreness or skin inflammation.

Whereas the CBD Relief Balm is typically used to improve pain response and reduce deep inflammation in a specific area.

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